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We want your college student to be successful throughout their student career. At Mustang Village, we want to help support their productivity and success by giving them access to amenities that were created with them in mind.

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Finance Tips for Young Adults

Moving out of your parent’s house and entering the real world? If so, you’re probably feeling a pretty intense mixture of excitement and terror. There are a lot of amazing parts of moving out on your own; for instance, you have the free ...

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7 Hikes Around San Luis Obispo You Probably Haven't Tried

One of the major selling points for living and working in San Luis Obispo is the collection of hiking trails it offers all around the county. Possibly surprising to some, San Luis Obispo offers much more than just Bishop Peak and Cerro San ...

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Best Living Complex

Developed in 1973, Mustang Village has served the Cal Poly community for many years. The complex features units ranging from 376 to 1,125 square feet with prices starting in the $700’s (subject to change). ...

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Top Study Break Ideas You Need for Success

Staying productive and studying is important, but study breaks are just as important to avoid burnout and create a balanced lifestyle. There are many benefits to study breaks that range from physical, mental and emotional enhancements, but ...

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15 Free Things To Do in SLO CAL

Put away your wallet because we're about to tell you all of our favorite FREE things to do in San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL). Whether you’re traveling with kids, friends or family, SLO CAL has a generous amount of fun and free activitie ...

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Our property is located in the heart of San Luis Obispo. Residents have access to nearby dining and shopping just by walking, biking, or taking a quick drive. Cal Poly’s campus is a short walk away and Cuesta College is about a 5.5 mile drive on Highway 1.